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Professional Services

At Weblogics, we understand the challenges involved in deploying business critical systems like Intralogic and Blueprint. For this reason, the Weblogics Professional Services team works closely with CEO’s, CIO’s and Business Managers to clearly identify business needs and challenges - so as to design and implement real-world solutions for your business.

With experience across a wide range of industries, our team offers a full range of Business, Project, Technical, Development and Support services:

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Project Management: From initial planning, through to implementation, rollout, and post-implementation follow-up, Weblogics provide a range of services so you can benefit from our team’s best-practice experience.

Business Process Consulting: Our Professional Services team works directly with your business managers and your IT team to streamline business processes. Together, we review your current processes, and recommend improvements that make teams more efficient and productive.

Information Architecture: Along with our Business Process Consulting services, Weblogics can help you define and refine your information management, making it easier for people to find the information they need, when they need it.

Taxonomy Consulting: Weblogics Taxonomy Consulting takes your company processes and information architecture, and maps them to Intralogic and Blueprint services. As with our business process and information architecture consulting, we work with the business to analyse and evaluate existing taxonomies, and we suggest ways to develop a common framework for your employees, contractors, suppliers—everyone who accesses your information—quickly and efficiently.

Content Migration: Weblogics content migration services help you sort through information that’s hidden away on laptop hard-drives, personal email inboxes, file servers—all the information that’s tucked away in your organisation. We identify the content that’s necessary for the business and weed out old, superseded, or outdated files, so when you go live, you’re working with current, up-to-date information.

Application Design, Development and Testing Services: If you require additional functionality to support your business, we can build custom solutions that integrate existing systems into your Intralogic or Blueprint platform, or develop new systems from scratch. We’re developers, so this comes naturally to us—and helps you deliver tailored solutions that work the way you need them to.

Support Services: All our products our covered by support and maintenance programs, which means you’re always covered. Help is at hand with just one phone call or an email. Of course, if you’d like more—on site support, or extended support for your team members or customers—we can provide that too.

Training Services: Weblogics software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, but if you’d like additional training for your users, we can deliver one-to-one or group training, on-site, at a level to suit your requirements, from novice users to advanced system administrators.