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Weblogics in the Cloud

Many of our customers are already operating in the Cloud – you can experience the benefits of cloud computing for your business today.

Intralogic Cloud provides a secure, high performing, low cost infrastructure, enabling you to focus on your business, connecting and collaborating with customers, and ensuring your staff have knowledge and resources at the fingertips at all times.

Intralogic Cloud

  • Pay monthly or yearly, freeing up capital.
  • Gives you access to the full suite of Weblogics complete products, not dumbed down or 'lite' versions. In other words the complete enterprise software packages with all the features and flexibility you expect.
  • Means your hardware will never fail, that even a flood, fire or plague, or any other natural disaster event, your data is safe. All you need is a browser.
  • Gives you access anywhere and complete mobility, with safety. No more logging on to remote desktop environments or worrying about internal security.

With the Intralogic Cloud suite, you can focus on delivering the critical business solutions your company needs quickly, reliably and securely.

The Highest Level of Performance

With unlimited computing horsepower, Intralogic Cloud can deliver staggering performance – with sub-second screen response times while handling large volumes of data or searching tens of thousands of documents. We include a "hot-swap" disaster recovery system for business continuity. All Intralogic Cloud systems are monitored and supported 24x7.

Flexibility Unavailable Anywhere Else

With Intralogic Cloud, we offer 100% portability – you're never 'locked in'. You can completely customise your solution to suit branding and unique look and feel, you have full control. With Intralogic Cloud you’re never forced to upgrade on some vendor's schedule – it's on your schedule.

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