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Simple tools for managing company information, documents, and email

Intralogic solves the sort of communication and information management problems small businesses face as they grow into bigger businesses. Intralogic helps you manage company information, documents and correspondence, and email.

Intralogic Portal Homepage

With Intralogic, you can:

  • Deliver news, announcements, and updates to the people that need them
  • Manage workflow queues so everyone knows what to do and when to do it
  • Catalog, store, and archive company documents and email
  • Find the information you need wherever it is, wherever you are
  • Control access and maintain security

Intralogic is intranet software with built-in document management, electronic forms and workflow, and portal services — built to scale for any business size, small or large. It’s designed for normal people to use and operate — you don’t need an IT degree or technical qualifications — so it works great for businesses that don’t have a dedicated, full-time IT team.

Communities — where people and information come together

“Communities of information” — communities for short — are places where people and information come together around a common goal. You might build a community around your marketing department, for example, or a project, like rolling out a new product or building a factory. There’s no limit to the number of communities you can create, or the way you organise them. Intralogic communities include web pages (or “content”), people (as members of the community), documents and email, as well as electronic forms, the data you enter through those forms, and their related workflow processes.


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Intranet and portal services

Intralogic comes standard with a full suite of intranet and portal services, resource bookings, social tools like forums, chat, and blogs, classified advertising, surveys, event calendars… everything you need to build a rich, full-featured intranet.


External portal

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Catalog, store—and find—all your company documents

Intralogic helps you catalog, store, and — most importantly — find all your company documents: correspondence, reports, email… Intralogic scans and indexes all your documents and uses sophisticated search to locate key phrases whether they occur on an intranet webpage, in a document, in an email, or in an attachment to an email — if it’s in the system, Intralogic will find it for you.


Adding new content can be a simple as loading a file, adding a description, and some tags...

... or you can keep as much information about your documents as you need. Intralogic's flexible metadata and tagging features make it simple to file, store, and find your documents.

Intralogic’s document management services include:

  • Check-in/check-out and audit trails so you know who’s working on what
  • Version control and roll-back so you’ll never lose, accidentally delete, or overwrite a document again
  • Full content indexing lets you find anything with a few keystrokes—without knowing where it’s been stashed
  • Safe, secure access controls keeps your documents in the right hands
  • Approval workflows (if you need them) guarantee that only authorised content is published on the network.
  • Easy to use bulk loading tools make it easy to get your documents into the system

Works with Windows and Office

Windows Microsoft Office With Intralogic add-ins for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, you can open, save and revise documents using your everyday office applications, all without visiting intranet or portal websites. And with the Emailogic’s add-in for Outlook, you can save email to Intralogic communities.

Works over the Internet

Internet Explorer FirefoxAccess your documents wherever you are, using standard web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, on desktop computers, notebooks, or mobile devices. No need for complicated network access services — forget VPN and RDP — just connect over the internet and get safe, secure access to all your documents, forms, and company email.

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Intralogic and policy management for corporate governance

The policies your business creates feeds to compliance processes and risk management. Unfortunately in many cases the opposite is true; mismanagement of policy means it is impossible to manage compliance and risk, creating confusion and at worst putting the business itself at risk due to legal and other exposures.

Document management systems can assist. However, document management without distribution and collaborative processes, auto-review capabilities, notifications and automated business rules, can be a disaster. Businesses need to review their systems to ensure their systems are working together to provide best practice corporate governance.

Intralogic is the ideal software to properly manage policies and in the process provide a strong backbone supporting harmonious compliance and risk management, and therefore giving business the best governance profile. Intralogic can be deployed across the enterprise, allowing all users to have access, or can be deployed in one department, alongside of HR, risk management and compliance management functionaries.

The Intralogic’s document policy management tools allows you to:

  1. Develop policies and procedures using formal approval processes for their creation.
  2. Develop and implement communication strategies for their dissemination.
  3. Track changes to policies and procedures through their full lifecycle.

You can:

  • Create web 'spaces', where all of a company’s enterprise policies and procedures are stored, indexed, accessed, and archived.
  • Ensure the lifecycle of policies are properly managed, including creation, dissemination, maintenance, and linking to compliance and risk systems.
  • Set review dates on all policies, with auto reminders so updates and maintenance is rigorously adhered to.
  • Allow changes to be made as rules and standards change, and allow notifications of changes to be distributed to staff.
  • Ensure consistency of format.
  • Provide security and access through modern portal technology. Ensure that people only have access to policies and procedures that relate to them.
  • Provide instant access via search and display using web pages and dynamic links and cross references to other documents, content and other technologies such as risk systems.
  • Have sophisticated categorisation such as meta-data and tags to ensure classification of policies and procedures are properly ordered, ranked and structured.
  • Maintain all previous versions of policies, along with comments and changes, and approval process audit trails.
  • Ensure the whole system is robust and able to change as the structure of the organisation changes.
  • Allow the dissemination of policy ownership to different groups or managers in the organisation.

The outcomes to your business will be:

  • The deployment of a holistic and automated approach to maintaining policies procedures, without documents being forgotten or left to whither.
  • Creation of consistency and accuracy in communicating regulatory obligations across the enterprise via the best intranet technology, delivering to central or remote locations, on any device.
  • Makes it easy for corporate compliance to be enforced, monitored and managed and therefore for the business to meet its regulatory obligations.
  • Create an easy process to map the interrelationships controls, policies and the people they serve and stakeholders.
  • Create an easy way of introducing a culture of compliance into the organisation.

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Forms and workflow

Forms for annual leave, procuring new equipment, for invoice processing and expense requests… Like it or not, businesses still run on forms. While common needs are essentially the same, each company handles these processes in their own unique way. Intralogic makes it easy to build forms you can complete online, or on a tablet or smartphone, and workflows that move each request through your business, the way your business works. No coding required, no IT certifications so there’s no waiting and no spiralling costs.


Build forms in minutes

Intralogic’s built-in form builder is easy to use — with just a little training, anyone can build and deploy forms safely and securely in minutes, not days, weeks or months. Intralogic forms work on personal computers, tablets, and smartphones, and they work everywhere so you can share them with colleagues, customers, or business partners.


Workflows — the way you work

Workflows move work requests through your organisation, quickly and efficiently. No more waiting for approvals, wondering where your request is at. With Intralogic, you can see the status of your requests, who it’s with, and when the response is due. Intralogic workflows can automatically prioritise work requests, escalate them if they’re overdue, and route them through the orgnisation.


Put your data to work

Intralogic is a web application, but it stores data in databases you can access, on servers you can control, so it’s easy to find, extract, summarise, and analyse your information. In addition to built-in reports, you can export data Excel for summarising, sorting and filtering, or you can use 3rd party reporting tools to build custom reports or integrate with line of business (LOB) and business intelligence (BI) applications.

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Connecting people

Where people and information come together around a common purpose. Intralogic brings your people together through a suite of integrated collaboration tools: web logs (or “blogs”), chat rooms, forums, and wikis, all centred around the communities of information they work on every day.


Integrated directory services

You can integrate Intralogic’s built-in directory with your payroll system, Microsoft’s Active Directory service (or any other Lightweight Directory Application Protocol (LDAP) service), so you get one-time, hands-free directory management: Add a new employee in payroll; they automatically gain access to relevant blogs, wikis, document libraries, email archives, business forms, and they can start participating in workflow.


Remote, mobile access

Intralogic sends notification messages by email, so you’ll always know when new information or updates are available, just as soon as they’re published — and because notification messages are personalised, you’ll only ever see notifications for content that’s relevant, or content you’ve subscribed to. You can even action workflow items right from your phone or tablet. And being web-based, you can link straight from email message to portal; Intralogic automatically optimises its display for PC screens, tablets, and smartphones so it’s always easy to navigate.

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Safe and open access—Rock solid security

Keeping your corporate information safe and secure is challenging in open, connected environments like the internet. Intralogic builds on Windows Networking security services (using Windows Authentication), standard internet security protocols (like HTTPS and SSL), and provides an additional layer of application-level security for delivering information into the hands the people it’s meant for.



Inside, outside—one platform

Intralogic’s simple, application-level security model means you can quickly and easily mark content for internal use only, or for broader external distribution to customers or business partners. Because all the content lives in the same place, there’s only one platform to manage. No duplication, no technical administration; just apply access restrictions and your done.

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Take control of email—finally

Email has been a corporate problem since, well, ever. Intralogic solves that problem by taking email out of personal inboxes and folders—often, where it’s never seen again—and storing it will all your other company documents and correspondence. With Emailogic installed, Intralogic delivers an effective, easy-to-use answer to the question, what do we do about corporate email?


Email where it belongs

Intralogic stores email in the repository, along with all your other documents. You can save email with similar security and access restrictions you apply to any other content in Intralogic, so you can keep email private, or you can publish it for everyone to see. Either way, it’s stored centrally, indexed and catalogued, so you can always find it.

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Built-in reports

Intralogic comes with a suite of built-in reports for all its core services:

  • Document registers 
  • People directories 
  • Form data 
  • Community listings 
  • Site visits 
  • Workflow summaries 
  • and many more… See the complete Reports listing for details.

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Backup and Archive

Intralogic offers a full suite of back-up and archive tools for system administrators—you'll never have to worry about losing your documents again.

System-wide backup services

On the server, Intralogic slots into your corporate back-up regime, so there's no extra administration required. If you're already backing up your network servers, there's nothing extra you need to do. For customers using hosted solutions, backups are automatic and, depending on your requirements, can include anything right up to automatic fail-over.

Document archiving

Intralogic automatically keeps all versions of your documents so you'll never lose content again—you can find and refer back to earlier versions, or you can reinstate them with a click. Intralogic's archiving service keeps document metadata in the system, so you can always find that a document existed, but it removes the content, so it doesn't consume valuable server resources. Intralogic includes a reference to the new location of your archived content—a file server location, for example, or a physical box tag—so you'll always know where to find a copy.

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