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Take control of email—finally

Managing corporate email has been a corporate problem since the beginning of computing. Some people save everything, others don’t save anything. And what happens after someone leaves the business? Who knows what crucial records, and their attachments, go missing? The problem every business has is incorporating important emails into a central location, where they can be shared and have value. At Weblogics we feel email is a crucial component of your corporate knowledge base.

Emailink solves all these problems by allowing staff to easily copy emails into your content management system, storing it along with all your other company documents, properly structured, indexed and searchable. Emailink is an effective, easy-to-use answer to the question, what do we do about corporate email?


Outlook add-in

Emailink’s add-in for Microsoft Outlook saves your email into your company’s document repository, along with all your other documents. Intralogic treats email like any other document, so you can easily store, catalog, and find email you sent or received, even from years ago.

You can save emails from anywhere

You can save emails from anywhere into the Intralogic repository. Your staff could be overseas, saving important emails into the company knowledge base from a laptop in their hotel. Further you can save one or more emails in each transaction. For example, you could scan all your emails in outlook that contain the phrase ‘Northlink Project’, and send them to the Northlink Community in Intralogic, in one operation. They will be stored as .msg files, along with all attachments and metadata.

Enterprise-wide search

Because Emailogic stores and catalogs email just like documents, you can use Google-style searching across metadata like To:, From:, and Date Sent fields, the full text of the email, even the contents of any document attachments. All with fast response times and ranked results thanks to the Solr search engine.


  • Save directly from Outlook
  • Integrated email and document containers
  • Personalised web-based portal interface
  • Easy, fast and secure access to archived emails and their attachments
  • Restricted access to emails based on authentication
  • Standard and advanced search features that include database, metadata and free text searching
  • Searching across or within business structures when used with Intralogic
  • Search within communities of information
  • Search by reporting structures
  • Search by group structures
  • Search by roles within the organisation

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