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Built for construction project managers. Blueprint is a suite of document and correspondence management services designed specifically for the construction industry. We built Blueprint with the help of builders, engineers, and construction managers who were already using our Intralogic intranet software. Over and above document management and workflow services, Blueprint provides:

  • A single platform for managing and sharing your documents and correspondence with people inside and outside your business.
  • A web-based portal for accessing information, wherever you are.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Document management workflows that handle large volumes of documents easily, including automatic, hands-free updates from AutoCAD and Revit.
  • Automatic, hands-free re-transmittal when documents are revised.
  • Tools for handling correspondence, including transmittals, RFI’s, variations, and work instructions, along with alerts, notifications, and rule-based escalations.
  • Intelligent import, update, and supercede operations, even for large batches of documents.
  • Email notifications when documents are updated, revised, or superceded, and when workflow requests arrive.
  • Comprehensive reporting and project-based document registers.



One platform, simple for everyone. With Blueprint’s built-in document management and portal services, you can manage documents inside your business and share them with people outside your business, all on one platform. And not just documents: Blueprint handles email, project correspondence such as transmittals, RFI’s, variations, and work instructions, as well as photos, and webpages. Access your content in the office or out on site, and contractors can access content wherever they are. Find out more about Blueprint’s portal services.



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Document control — from design to delivery

Blueprint manages all your documents with full version control, check-in/check-out, roll-back, and auditing. You can assign access restrictions when documents are for “internal use only”, and then open up permissions for external use when you’re ready.

and afterwards

When construction is done, keep project documentation for reference, or archive it to free up space and resources (like backup services). Blueprint archive deletes the files from the repository but retains their metadata in the database, along with a reference to their new physical location, so you can always find your documents, or at least find out they existed and where they are now.

Keep costs to a minimum. Because all your documents are stored on your own servers — whether they’re in-house or hosted — you never have to pay to archive or retrieve them.

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AutoCAD and Revit — seamless integration

Automatic, intelligent updates from AutoCAD and Revit. A key challenge for design-construct projects is moving drawings efficiently from the design office to the construction team. AutoCAD and Revit make it simpler than ever to produce hundreds of revision documents at a stroke, and distributing them all is a problem: Manually loading content into 3rd-party document distributions systems is tedius, time-consuming, and error-prone.

Blueprint eliminates this problem by importing large batches of documents from AutoCAD or Revit, automatically, without any manual intervention at all. A script on the AutoCAD or Revit side writes metadata files along with exported drawing files, and Blueprint uses the metadata files to load the drawings, fill in relevant metadata fields, and store documents in project folders. Blueprint can even kick off workflow processes — say, for document approval — if they’re required.

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Simple security, safe access

Simple security. Blueprint’s simple security model keeps email safe and secure. Using the add-in for Microsoft Outlook, you can restrict access to the original email’s sender and recipients, to the whole project team, or anyone with access to the project.

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Project correspondence — Stay on top of communication

Blueprint comes with built-in reports for project document registers, correspondence history, and RFI actions, and with Blueprint’s open architecture you can plug in any industry-standard reporting tool you prefer, like Crystal Reports or Microsoft’s SQL Reporting Services, to generate reports for just about any aspect of the system: User access, document updates or downloads … if you can name it, you can build a report for it.


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And best of all — a pricing structure that makes sense

Best of all, Blueprint offers simple, easy to understand pricing that won’t break the bank. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge you per project or per user, and because Blueprint lets you keep control of your content there are no extra charges for backup or achiving. Call us for a quote.

Want to find out more? Book an online demonstration and find out how to put Blueprint to work for you.

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