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Weblogics Partner Program

Our future growth is underpinned by partnering with smart IT businesses who share our vision. We are continually seeking such businesses to join our partner program. Our products are mature, fully scalable, high performance and perfectly suited to any industry.

As a partner you will receive our undivided attention assuring that you are successful, after all, your success is our success. Our company is totally committed to implementing systems and processes that make it easy for you to immediately increase your revenue by doing business with us.

Further, the Weblogics suite of software solutions can operate and benefit any company or organisation in any environment anywhere in the English speaking world.

Our Partner Program offers a choice of different partnering arrangements to suit your company’s specialities.

Alliance Partner

Alliance Partners are companies that have industry knowledge in one or more areas where Weblogics products can be applied, but the company may not have the IT support capabilities to become a Value Added Reseller and does not wish to commit to this path. An Alliance Partner seeks opportunities to sell Weblogics through its own network and marketing, with Weblogics providing implementation, training and on-going support. The Alliance Partner is suitable to companies which have broad focus, such as consulting business and project managers. Alternatively you may be a potential VAR or Distributor, who becomes an Alliance Partner as a first step.

Value Added Reseller

A Value Added Reseller (VAR) provides a combination of sales and professional services covering support and training, marketing and lead generation, in a country or defined territory. You will offer a full support package to clients in your country/territory, with Weblogics providing second level support, or in countries where distributors are active you may supported by the local distributor. Your rewards are higher than an Alliance Partner because you accept more responsibility, with commissions on sales and maintenance ongoing streams.


A distributor focuses on distributing and supporting VARs within a defined country, region or territory. You will have at least one trained sales staff member per sales office. Your sales staff will be supported directly by Weblogics Partner manager. You will be assigned a sales quota, and be paid a commission for all sales made, including bonus commissions on exceeding your quota. You will be responsible for providing support in your territory, or assigning VARs who have such a capability.

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