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Recordkeeping Innovation provides records, knowledge and information management consulting and training services to clients across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Our services enable organisations to improve business operations and maintain superior information and recordkeeping systems by:

  • Identifying - and managing information and records in business systems and specialised management systems;
  • Delivering - on critical governance needs;
  • Embedding - records, knowledge and information skills through policies, procedures, systems and training; and
  • Maintaining - the reliability, authenticity, usability and accessibility of evidence based business decisions (records) over time.

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DST i.t (part of the DST Group) works with a wide range of companies in the Software and IT sector to help them increase and improve their business in a myriad of ways based on our intimate knowledge and experience in the sector.

Associates of DST i.t. are seasoned practitioners who have been senior executives or CEO’s of IT or associated companies. As such, we have empathy and understanding of the needs experienced by clients and as a result can offer practical assistance and advice.

DST i.t represents Australian and Internationally developed contemporary business applications that focus on providing real returns and benefits to customers and leverages our sales and marketing experience to help these solutions gain penetration and acceptance in the local market.

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Weblogics Partner Program

Weblogics is always looking for smart IT businesses who want to expand their product and service offerings to include quick-to-deploy solutions for intranets, business forms and workflow, and email management. Find out more about the Weblogics Partner Program.

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