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Mutuals and Financial Industries

Intralogic is the ideal Intranet and document management system for Mutuals and Financial institutions.

Getting your policies and procedures on-line is the first challenge; getting staff to read them and keep them up to date are the next. How can you be sure that you have the latest version on-line and do you know who has read it?

Apart from good business practice, version control and giving all staff access to policies and procedures, is a regulatory requirement. We all have “wish-lists” about document management, but few systems can deliver at a price appropriate to the Customer Owned Banking Sector.

Intralogic is an off-the-shelf web based multi-functional business system that can achieve these goals across the organisation, from managers to front line staff. For those responsible for documentation, Intralogic promotes discipline in the document lifecycle management as well as automating business processes and promoting efficient inter-staff and staff/customer communications.

Intralogic is built around its secure electronic document management system forming a staff-focused search and retrieval system. With existing document lifecycle management processes in place, for day to day updates Intralogic’s advance workflow features to automate management approval before publishing. Further, for authors and editors, creating and updating documents using check in/check out, automatic review and metadata management is already in place to make these complex processes simple. Furthermore, all changes of document status, from version to version are auditable. 

New processes have been developed that directly aid in delivery of effective policy and procedure frameworks.

“On-the-Fly” publishing

NameIn Intralogic, you can to store and work with policy word documents, which can be auto-displayed as web pages when clicked by staff. Users can then navigate to linked documents, also displayed as web pages on-the-fly, using hyperlinks within web frames, without having to retrieve the original word documents. This provides speed and agility, important for customer facing staff members when time is of the essence when searching for the right policies. The elegance of this approach is that you do not need to keep HTML versions of your word documents, eliminating synchronicity issues.

Document reviews

NameUsing standard Intralogic document management auto review feature, every time a new version is loaded, Intralogic allows you to set review dates with email reminders notifying authors of review anniversaries before they happen. Staff need never be concerned that document reviews are missed. Documents can be made active and de-activated, i.e. made ‘live’ or hidden until some future publishing date. Policy and Procedures can be directed to specific staff members or groupings, for example the board of directors will have secure access to those documents that are deemed confidential.

Versioning and Approval Processes

NameUsing Intralogic’s authorization workflow feature, new versions of documents can be sent to one or more approvers before the new version goes live. As with all Intralogic content, all previous versions are kept within the document repository. You can archive older versions and Intralogic will keep their metadata records so they are still searchable.

With Intralogic, a history trail ensures no content is ever lost. Everything from activation and de-activation date, authors and comments are saved with each new version and displayable in the document history function.

Search for anything

NameDocument search requests come from a variety of sources. They often entail Credit Union staff accessing multiple systems to compile all the relevant information and, in the case of a subpoena, take hours and sometimes even days to complete in manual systems. Using Intralogic ‘Search’ facilities, all content is searchable, e.g. Type in ‘ATM loading’ and all policy documents containing the phrase is instantly displayed. Search can address all content, including Intralogic Blog posts, People Profiles, Company information, so Search is not only limited to documents.

Collaborate with Staff Members

Name"Communities", or collaboration areas, can be created to enable employees to securely work together. The permission system allows intranet administrators to set up secure communities based on their organisation’s departmental structure or project teams.

Permission rights can be assigned to individual employees, groups or employees with particular roles. For example, the legal department may have access to policy and procedures that they should have exclusive access to. With Intralogic, it’s simple to create a community where different groups and their documents can work together.

Activity Audits

User activity such as form submission, approval workflow sign-offs, etc, is monitored and recorded. The audit application captures information regarding every transaction, so that answers to queries such as ‘who approved this capex 5 years ago? and why?’ are available instantly, where users have appropriate administration rights of course. Intranet administrators can specify their preference in regards to the intranet applications they'd like to access.