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Intralogic in Government

An intelligent Intralogic intranet is ideal for government department and NGO’s. 

Intralogic delivers powerful document management, content management, archiving, e-forms and approval workflow, resource management, blogs, in fact a whole suite of business process tools, with all meta-data being stored in SQL with all data being auditable. Intralogic is used by NSW Rural Fire Services, Tasmanian Irrigation, Dairy Food Safety Victoria, Department of Education, South Australia, and many other Australian Government organisations.

Intralogic is approved for purchase through the NSW ICT scheme, making it easy for government departments throughout Australia to consider when evaluating future Intranet needs.

Why Intralogic is your best choice?

Intralogic delivers safe, secure content management to small and large government departments without relying on IT departments to make it happen. In fact we believe the best people to configure and administer Intralogic are people that know and understand your business, normally administrators, not computer technical experts. Intralogic has grown on the sound principle that Intranets should be owned by the people that use it, and they should be responsible for its direction, content, and relevance.

This philosophy is no more important than when considering the time it takes most intranet suppliers to go from concept to go-live.  With Government departments undergoing constant re-structuring and change, most build-your-own Intranets cannot keep up. This is because technical people have to be involved in every step of their evolution, however with Intralogic change to taxonomy and security, business processes, e-forms, approval streams and notifications can easily be carried out by non-technical people.