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Not-for-Profit organisations

The Intralogic Intelligent Intranet in Not-for-Profit organisations is a natural fit. Designed to help your staff work better, with instant access to the information, forms and approval processes they need to do their jobs and to comply with regulatory regimes.


Engineering construction

Intralogic, with the Blueprint module is the perfect intelligent Intranet for Engineering Construction and Property Developers. In fact, any business that involves collaboration with sub-contractors and partners, management of project documents, and auditable project records and communications will benefit from Intralogic’s advanced architecture and document management features.



An intelligent Intralogic intranet is ideal for government department and NGO’s. Intralogic delivers powerful document management, content management, archiving, e-forms and approval workflow, resource management, blogs, in fact a whole suite of business process tools, with all meta-data being stored in SQL with all data being auditable. Intralogic is used by NSW Rural Fire Services, Tasmanian Irrigation, Dairy Food Safety Victoria, Department of Education, South Australia, and many other Australian Government organisations.


Mutuals and Financial industries

Intralogic is the ideal Intranet and document management system for Mutuals and Financial institutions.


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