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Weblogics in the Cloud - Amazon Web Services

Many of our customers are already operating in the Cloud – you can experience the benefits of cloud computing for your business today.

Intralogic is proud to announce that from December 2012 it has launched Intralogic on Amazon Web Services (AWS) giving customers a complete intranet solution in the world’s largest cloud infrastructure.

Intralogic on Amazon


  • All of your data is held in Australia using Amazon’s Australian infrastructure.
  • A simple monthly or annual fee structure covers all infrastructure, software and maintenance costs. No up-front investment required.
  • Includes Windows and SQL/Server license fees bundled in. You don’t have to worry about Microsoft licensing.
  • Frees you up to focus on your business. Reduce your IT costs because all you need is a browser. No more worrying about your own servers, managing back-ups, tuning SQL, communications etc. Better still, you don’t have to worry about equipment failures, hackers, viruses or any other IT bug bear that normally keeps you awake at night.
  • Gives you access to Weblogics complete products, not dumbed down or ‘lite’ versions. In other words the complete enterprise software packages with all the features and flexibility you expect.
  • Back-up using Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) providing single or multi-region backup redundancy. Automatic backups in Daily, Weekly and Monthly cycles operating concurrently.
  • Gives you access anywhere and complete mobility, with safety. No more logging on to remote desktop environments or worrying that your firewall is effective.

With the Intralogic on Amazon, you can focus on delivering the critical business solutions your company needs quickly, reliably and securely.

The Highest Level of Performance

With unlimited computing horsepower, Intralogic on Amazon can deliver staggering performance – with sub-second screen response times while handling large volumes of data or searching tens of thousands of documents.

Flexibility Unavailable Anywhere Else

With Intralogic on Amazon, we offer 100% portability - you’re never ‘locked in’. At any time you can cease using Intralogic on Amazon and we’ll deliver to you your information. Intralogic on Amazon is not multi-tenant, you have your own completely customizable instance of Intralogic software, so you can completely customise your solution to meet your business requirements or look and feel, you can re-brand the system or use style sheets to change its look and feel – you have full control. With Intralogic on Amazon you’re never forced to upgrade on some vendor's schedule – it’s on your schedule.

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