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Established in 1997, Parkview is an integrated property development and construction company and a leader in its industry.

With experience in residential, retail, commercial, industrial and civil projects, Parkview is a growing business with three offices in New South Wales and Queensland.

Faced with the inefficiencies that result from the increase of electronic information in a growing organization, Parkview needed a system that would serve as the single point of access for its employees whilst managing project documents and making it easier for people to find and access the knowledge tied up in the company’s information assets. Parkview chose Weblogic’s Intralogic platform as its ‘one-stop-shop’ for managing both physical and electronic documents.

The problem: Poor document management, massive inefficiency

Document Management. With three offices spread across News South Wales and Queensland, and more than 3,500 sub-contractors on their books, Parkview found that the amount of organizational information they had to deal with was growing faster than their business. With information locked away on personal computers, the business lost its ability to manage and organize its knowledge assets. IT Manager, Steven David, explains the situation before Intralogic’s implementation:

What most businesses find is that they have stuff everywhere with files on people’s hard discs and on their laptops at home. We wanted one place to go to find out everything about the company and avoid the situation where people are unable to quickly locate their documents.

This became a serious problem for us in terms of the inefficiency that resulted. It was costing us money and effort in administrative overhead. What we needed was a system that would bring it all together.

Email Management. As the organisation grew, so too did its dependence upon email. This effectively prevented any central access to information as it was buried within individual employees’ Inboxes and their own personal filing systems.

The ever-increasing amount of corporate email also meant that employees spent up to an hour each day sifting through ‘group’ emails, many not directly concerning them. It wasted their time and reduced their productivity. As Steven David explains: “Previously, most of the communication was via email. Essentially everyday myself and other employees would receive upward of 100 irrelevant group emails. Emails like, ‘To all staff, this is the new phone number of ‘x’ or ‘x’ is no longer at this site’”. This not only obscured more important emails, but it also wasted time as countless mornings were spent sorting through irrelevant emails.

Internal Communication. In order to eliminate its problems with email, Parkview knew it needed a centric portal for all its employees. “What was needed was a ‘single logical repository’ for all corporate records that could be accessed by everyone in the company” says Mr David.

Communicate With and Track External Subcontractors. On average, Parkview manages 10 to 15 large scale projects across NSW and Queensland at any one time. As projects typically span one to two years, there is a continual rotation of people and locations. In order to manage each location and the sheer number of people involved, Parkview required a system that could store and track external parties on a central database. This database would be vital for reference in current and future projects.

Mr David describes Parkview’s unique situation. “In a construction business, it is very different to other industries, whereby the mere physical space of the building is a constant. Rather, we walk into site, build something and then we’re gone. We don’t always stay in the one location so it’s very hard to manage the constant flow of information and people. What we found was that if we needed to say, contact a plumber based in Townsville for example, we were asking ourselves, so where are our people? How do we contact them? What are their phone numbers? Something that in another industry might be a simple task, becomes really difficult when you have 3,500 sub-contractors constantly rotating throughout your sites”.

What most businesses find is that they have stuff everywhere with files on people’s hard discs and on their laptops at home. We wanted one place to go to find out everything about the company and avoid the situation where people are unable to quickly locate their documents.

Why Weblogics: The Assessment Process

After 3 months of assessment, Parkview narrowed down their options to Intralogic and one other alternative. During their evaluation, Parkview also trialled Microsoft’s SharePoint Server. After living with this system for several months however, Parkview was feeling some constraints. “What we found was that the SharePoint Server required that we have various stipulations in place that didn’t really make it intuitively easy from an IT perspective. Whereas the administration of Intralogic is simple, not solely in its installation, but also to support, manage and run”, said Mr David.

Ultimately Parkview selected Weblogics’ Intralogic as their platform for internal communication and document management. Key amongst its selection criteria was Intralogic’s intuitive and easy-to-use design, its overall functionality, and particularly its low implementation and maintenance costs.

Decision criteria included the following:

Document Control. The capacity to support a more complex system of document management was a key factor in Parkview’s selection of Weblogics. As Mr David explains, “As for the Intranet and standard website, most basic systems can do that. It is the sophistication behind the document control, version control, document management and workflow that was impressive. We therefore looked at a solution that had that particular aspect on board as a major feature, and that’s when we came across Intralogic”.

Return On Investment. Mr David also highlighted the benefits a document management system, in terms of cost efficiency for their organisation. “Originally we were looking for an intranet solution, but I really couldn’t demonstrate the true ROI of purchasing software as a pure intranet application. At the end of the day, its easy to say that you have excel spreadsheet on the network, isn’t that enough? It is hard to build a cost benefit analysis. Where the product becomes worthwhile is when it’s combined with the feature of document control and document management”.

Security. Intralogic’s security was another key element in Parkview’s decision. As Mr David explains, “What we liked about the system [Intralogic] is that it needed no additional security. It was built-in so we didn’t have to have to add anything.” Staff can now share information securely between themselves, all within an environment that’s shared with external contractors and suppliers.

Easy administration and flexibility. Intralogic’s ease of deployment and ease of use, combined with its flexibility, were key factors in Parkview’s decision-making process. Mr David describes his involvement with Weblogics. “The team at Weblogics are always open to allow us to look at things outside the application, to work with our specific needs and work cohesively on a solution”.

Put simply, Intralogic brings organisation to your organisation. It removes the chaos by bringing everyone back to the one place rather than getting lost in multiple disparate systems.

Steven David
IT Manager

Business Benefits: Capture, store, and find information assets

Single Point Of Access. Intralogic provides a single place where the company captures, stores, manages, finds and accesses all information, eliminating the “information silos“ that used to cause them problems. The result is faster, easier and more logical information retrieval. “Put simply, Intralogic brings organization to your organization. It removes the chaos by bringing everyone back to the one place rather than getting lost in multiple disparate systems”. – Mr David.

Reduced Number of Emails. Intralogic has reduced Parkview’s over-dependence on email, saving time and leaving email for more important correspondence. The intranet has replaced large group emails, which took up space, time and distracted employees from their more immediate tasks.

Increased Collaboration. Parkview’s various multi user communities now share organisational information with ease. These information-hosting centres store all contact information, and also link employees to corporate applications like help desk, news, project information and photo distribution. As a result, Parkview is seeing a higher level of knowledge sharing, increased accuracy of information and an overall improvement in the quality of information.

Increased Accessibility and Control. Intralogic enables instant access to documents and correspondence across the whole organisation. Intralogic streamlines the storage of every document that applies to a project, from commencement to completion.

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