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Weblogics new offering in credit union/financial services industries

Written by Jon Harris

Weblogics is pleased to announce a new cooperative arrangement with Maxen Pty Ltd to provide Intralogic product and services to the Maxen financial services customers.  Maxen provides CU-KnowHow document management services and expertise in development of policy and procedures to financial services businesses and credit unions.

Under the arrangement Weblogics will offer Maxen customers its flagship Intralogic Intranet software as an upgrade to Maxen’s CU-KnowHow system, providing CU-KnowHow users with a modern upgrade path and new Intranet features. Intralogic has been configured to provide a direct document upgrade process maintaining the inherent intelligence within the CU-KnowHow document structures. Jon Harris from Weblogics is pleased with the new arrangement ‘ Working closely with Maxen staff, we’ve simplified the processes involved in maintaining and publishing policy and procedure documentation, in fact any regulatory requirement content.  We think Maxen customers will be pleased with the additional tools provided as part of the Intralogic solution, and Intralogic’s simplicity. Credit Unions and financial services businesses don’t want expensive complex document solutions, and this is why Intralogic is ideally suited in this market sector’. 

The new features not only help Maxen customers, but they will aid any organisation looking to provide front-office staff access to enterprise policy and procedural information.  

About Weblogics

Weblogics redefines how organisations manage knowledge and collaborate with their customers online, powering experiences that can increase revenue and staff value. Instant deployment and ease of administration makes it easy for businesses to automate processes, manage resources and communicate with their partners and customers. Weblogics' broad choice of capabilities enable directors, managers and staff to be more productive with unsurpassed document management and process automation with inbuilt security and audit-ability.

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