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DutchCare selects Intralogic

Written by Jon Harris

Victorian Retirement centre and care facilities organisation DutchCare have selected Intralogic to improve its business and administration processes. DutchCare join a growing number of retirement centres and other not-for-profit organisations using Intralogic to connect staff, information, business processes across their operating groups.

With 100s of staff spread across different residential facilities across Victoria, giving staff access to the correct documentation, some relating to facilities location, became a problem.

Inherent was a need to manage documents to meet their aged care regulatory requirements as well as comply with DutchCare’s internal quality programs. Documents such as forms were used in all aspects managing daily life for aged care residents, maintaining residential premises, and approvals for task management. With staff dispersed across Victoria, their selection of Intralogic meant they could use the power of Intralogic’s home page to communicate to all staff consistently, as well as ensuring document management and security were checked.

To keep costs low, Kiosks were set up in each facility to provide common logins to multiple staff members. Weblogics also provided their standard not-for-profit license discount, further helping DutchCare deploy the new system with the lowest possible investment.

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