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eTimesheets – coming in Intralogic 10.1

Written by Fiona Caden


Expanding Intralogics capabilities to the next level, we are pleased to announce eTimesheets is currently under development and will be released as a separate module with Intralogic 10.1.

eTimesheets will allow businesses to capture staff time by project and activity, link to cost centres, and seek management approval via business workflow. For the Intralogic user everything will be familiar and fully integrated, broadening the depth of our customers Intranet functionality.

Features of eTimesheets include*:

  • Simplicity in design – minimum screen clutter – totally intuitive.
  • Navigation using a Calender. The Calender is also used to display users timesheet status (e.g. closed, in progress, etc).
  • Daily, Fortnightly and Monthly submission.
  • Updateable ‘Projects’ and ‘Activities’ using list management.  Projects and Activities can be created, modified, deleted and activated/deactivated.
  • Multiple hourly rates, job codes, and other meta info against Projects/Activities.
  • In-browser grids for display and editing data. Dynamic totals.
  • Notifications to remind users to fill out timesheets. Notifications adjusted to take into account Weekends.
  • Reporting, including Report by Project, Activity and Individual. Output to Excel or XML for Payroll integration.
  • Integrated with workflow approval.
  • Flexibility of configuration with switches defining whether data can be updated by different staff, workflow approvers, etc.
  • Switches allowing E-Timesheet data to be copied from one period to the next.
  • Integrated with Intralogic security model.

We are aiming at a mid-year release. It will be provided as an optional module for all Intralogic customers. We invite interest from early Beta test site users.

e-Timesheets will be compatible with Intralogic 10.1 and greater. Please call our offices on 612-9929-0777 for information regarding pricing and licensing.

*Features may change before release date.

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