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Intralogic on Amazon Web Services

Written by Mike Hargreaves



In January 2013 Weblogics made its hosting environment available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This coincided with Amazon’s opening of an Australian office and local computing infrastructure. Weblogics Cloud solutions and managed host services can easily scale and adjust to suit customer needs in this rapidly growing sector. Weblogics customers will win with lower costs and secure, robust infrastructure. Weblogics has more recently launched its new Storage back-up regime using Amazon S3 Block Storage system. In a nutshell ..... our Cloud future looks exciting.

Intralogic on Amazon provides a full suite of collaboration and knowledge management tools for staff, allowing organisations across the globe to easily and affordably manage content, documents, CAD drawings, emails and business processes. For companies seeking alternatives to build-your-own products like SharePoint, Intralogic has proved popular because of its affordability and rapid deployment.

Already, two long-standing Weblogics customers, a child and family organization in NSW, and a South Australian government department, have migrated their Intralogic sites to the AWS platform.

Weblogics Managing Director Jonathan Harris said teaming with market-leading Cloud provider Amazon Web Services was a giant leap in its delivery of the Intralogic business solution. “AWS takes delivery of our business solutions into a new realm,” he said.

“The value proposition of Cloud delivery of intranet software is more than compelling - it’s a no-brainer! We can deploy a new site in minutes, on a platform that has lowered its cost structures six times in six years - without the need of engagement with the IT department.

“Intralogic on Amazon removes the need for customers to invest in Information Technology and the technical staff needed to maintain it. For Weblogics, this opens the door to thousands of businesses who need to use IT, but don’t want to own it. People are moving away from complex internal systems: They want rapid-deployment without any lock-in. That’s exactly what Intralogic on Amazon delivers.”

Mr. Harris said Intralogic on Amazon also delivered the on-demand ability for customers to scale services to meet immediate needs. “For example, Intralogic’s Blueprint application is designed to serve engineering/construction customers that need to process large CAD files,” he said.

“For these customers, a scalable storage system is a mission-critical requirement. The ability of Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) to process large volumes of data ensures it can become a key element in Intralogic’s Blueprint data processing pipeline. Customers can upload thousands of drawings from a modified Autodesk Revit model. Despite the huge spike in computer power required to do this, we can configure AWS to automatically expand to ensure optimal resources are available on demand.”

Already, Weblogics has created a new globally accessible demonstration environment, customer training sites and dedicated ‘Sandpit’ areas where businesses can trial the software prior to acquisition.

Mr. Harris said Weblogics selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) because it offered the best resources for the company’s customers. “The critical components of the AWS technology platform include scalability, the ability to manage fluctuating consumption and advanced technology,” he said.’ “These provide the ability to host data and applications anywhere in the world while managing costs effectively’.

“Amazon also makes Intralogic more accessible for prospective customers who want to examine its capabilities. We can now create new instances of our software in seconds rather than days, showing different aspects of our system on call at any time and from any place. Prospects can test it for three days or 30 days - and then we can switch that trial environment into production in minutes.

“That’s a powerful new capability that we did not have before.”

Weblogics will also use the AWS platform to support internal development. Mr. Harris said Weblogics would run its internal services off Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and use Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Amazon S3 for storage. “Like other businesses, we have lots of investment in rack servers, we maintain security systems and we spend considerable resources managing our development, demonstration and customer service processes,” he said.

“Our goal is to lower those costs and reduce risk. AWS is a significant breakthrough in this area.”

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