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2nd Generation Intralogic Add-In launched

Written by Jon Harris


Moving documents and emails from your Microsoft desktop into your corporate knowledgebase just became easier with the second generation Intralogic Add-In, which we’ve called Intrologic Add-In 2 (yes..... very imaginative!).

Easier to install with a unified installer for Microsoft Office applications and Windows Explorer, and developed from the ground up with all the experience gained by the 1st generation Office Add-In and Outlook Add-In products released in 2011, Intralogic Add-In 2 will add significant productivity to our customers document processing. 

Intralogic Add-In 2 incorporates Email capture and for the first time emails are added to the document repository as .msg files. This means – at last – emails can become shareable corporate data, not buried in exchange with nowhere to go.


This major new development incorporates many new features and enhancements:

  1. Combined Office and Outlook add-ins into one installation process. Our goals were to simplify installation, operation, and back-end administration. Now you have one installation (not 3!), with all Add-In components automatically deployed and made active. This massively reduces the management of the Add-In on your desktops.
  2. The new Add-In installs 3 components.
    1. A ‘Save to Intralogic’ button in all Office products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher)
    2. A ‘Save to Intralogic’ button in MS Outlook. Save one or 50 emails at once.
    3. A ’Send to Intralogic’ option on the Mouse Right-Click when in MS Windows Explorer. Highlight all the files you want to load, hit right click, and let Intralogic take over.
  3. Intralogic Add-In 2 communicates with Intralogic, passing security controls and metadata automatically, so you don’t have to. Metadata is either automatically loaded, or can be modified. If you are saving multiple documents, and ‘some’ of those documents are new revisions of existing documents, Intralogic Add-In 2 knows and gives users the option to update metadata for those documents.
  4. Support for Outlook messages is built into Intralogic's document repository using version 10's new custom metadata features. In Intralogic Add-In 2, Emails are stored as .msg files and displayed in Intralogic document grids alongside word docs, CAD drawings and all other content. When the link is clicked on, it opens in Outlook, along with attachments. Better still, emails are fully compliant with Intralogic’s security model, and metadata (from, to cc, subject, etc), is passed to Intralogic’s metadata fields.
  5. Documents and emails are loaded directly into Intralogic or into workflow (depending on your site configuration). All the usual workflow rules and notifications actions apply, its business as usual.

Intralogic Add-In 2 was developed from the ground up in .NET and using Add-In Express, to ensure compatibility across different versions of Windows, Office and Outlook. Intralogic Add-In 2 is certified for Windows XP, 7 and 8 and on Office 2005, 2007, 2013 and SQL/Server 2010 and 2013.

The new Add-In is an Intralogic option, and available separately - call us on 9929-0777 for details on pricing and licensing.

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